NSW RNA Production and Research Network (NSW-RPRN) 

As the hub of the $15m NSW Health funded NSW RNA Production and Research Network, the RNA Institute has developed strong partnerships with several other universities and medical research organisations. The mission of the NSW-RPRN is to grow the RNA ecosystem by: 

  • Helping scientists translate new RNA therapeutics from the bench to advanced pre-clinical studies. 

  • Training the future workforce to enable RNA therapeutics development. 

The Institute leads this network which has become a model for other multi-institute organisations in NSW. 

NSW Gov funded

NSW RNA Bioscience Alliance

The RNA Institute is a member of the NSW Bioscience Alliance, a partnership across 14 universities in NSW and the ACT, led by our Director, Pall Thordarson. It was formed through the NSW Vice Chancellor’s Committee (NSW VCC), the peak body for universities in NSW and the ACT. 

The Alliance and the NSW VCC have been instrumental in securing significant NSW state funding to advance the RNA ecosystem: 

  • $96m for the RNA GMP Pilot Production Facility to be located in in Macquarie Park 

  • $119m to support RNA research in NSW 

Therapeutics Innovation Australia (TIA) and National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) 

The UNSW RNA Institute is a TIA facility, meaning that government support is available to use our services for the development of RNA therapeutics.  TIA has developed the Pipeline Accelerator voucher scheme, with successful applicants able to receive up to $50,000 in matching funds to develop therapeutic projects using RNA Institute capabilities.  See the Pipeline Accelerator Scheme link below for more information.

Therapeutics Innovation Australia (TIA)

National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS)

Pipeline Accelerator Scheme

The Australia & New Zealand RNA Production Consortium (ARPC)


The Australia & New Zealand RNA Production Consortium (ARPC) is a group of scientists in Australia and New Zealand advocating for sovereign RNA production capabilities and a broader national RNA biomanufacturing strategy.  The group includes:

  • Pall Thordarson – UNSW Sydney
  • Archa Fox – University of Western Australia
  • Thomas Preiss – Australian National University
  • Tim Mercer – University of Queensland
  • William Rolleston – South Pacific Sera, New Zealand
  • Damian Purcell – Melbourne University
  • Colin Poulton – Monash University
  • Nigel McMillan — Griffith University
  • Anton Middelberg — University of Adelaide
  • Greg Goodall — University of South Australia

Industry Partners 

The Institute has several confidentiality agreements and memorandums of understanding in place with a variety of entities in industry, government and academia, including large suppliers in the biotechnology industry:

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